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File:Arcade-Monitor.jpg|Monitor Close up
File:Arcade-Monitor.jpg|Monitor Close up
== Video ==

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Note: For the project building our own Arcade look here.

Tom from Gameswap wants to donate a Arcade machine to Whitespace. This machine is huge. Its 1,2m wide and 1,6m deep. It can be split in three parts for transport. But we need to go and get it on the first floor of his store, carry it down the stairs and transport it to the space. So if we want it we need manpower and a big car or a small van.

Thanks to Hans, Impy, Mimor, Tom and Koen this device made it safely to Whitespace!

Where in the space[edit]

  • For the moment this Arcade is in the back room next to the datarack.


  • Nearly completely in working order.
  • The game "Metal Slug" is fixed!
  • The coin feeder is missing but we're not sure we wanted to use it anyway.
  • Sound seems to fail occasionally.
  • We need to give it a final location, and complete the assembly.