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(Still needed)
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* buttons + joysticks acquired
* buttons + joysticks acquired
* tft found
* tft found
* computer (athlon 2100xp) found
* 2 * [http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/index.html teensyusb 2.0] for USB HID interface have arrived
* secondhand xbox purchased
* spare cable + usb -> xbox cables purchased
* 2 * [http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/index.html teensyusb 2.0] ordered (awaiting arrival) for USB HID interface
* replaced xbox HD with 120GB HD
* installed 80mm fan in xbox (reduces noise, more airflow)
= To Do =
= To Do =

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Make an arcade machine!
Koenraad, Koen, Tom2, Kasper

Note: For information on the really big arcade we got from gameswap look at the page Arcade for the Grab.


Sandb acquired some kiosk stands discarded by his employer. They look ideally suited to make Arcade Machine.



In order of preference

  1. Xbox (1st gen) is a great platform, it's cheap and fast enough for MAME and other emus, it has USB-compatible ports (with a different form factor) for joysticks
    • a secondhand xbox needs to be acquired, should be available for 25 euros
    • video out to VGA converter needs to be built (xbox-linux wiki page is down though, google cache ok)
  2. Small Linux box with MAME can easily fit into the bottom cabinet with room to spare.
  3. 'real' hardware
    • I(Koen)'m planning to donate a Sega Mega Drive if we're going to use it.
    • Maybe an Amiga can also be build into this retro gaming system if Impy likes to participate.
  4. Gameduino could be nice.

Update: Tom2 acquired a secondhand xbox + 2 controllers.


An Arcade machine should be CRT based, but LCD seems only feasible option.


Happ arcade controls consisting of 2 joysticks, 14 buttons, player1/2-button. See pictures for a preview.


Use teensyusb 2.0 to make a USB HID interface.


Low-quality speakers for playing 8-bit music are needed. We should hide them somewhere (bottom of the controls panel?).


Existing backlighted panels (especially on top) can be used for some tacky artwork/whitespace logo. Vinylcutter at timelab can be used for this.

Still needed

  • electronics to build xbox vga output (LM1881 ic + spare xbox video cable)
  • speakers (some cheap speakers with built-in amp)
  • TFT (Tom2 may be able to provide 17" 1280*1024 screen)
  • 28mm drill bit (hole saw)


  • cabinet in space
  • buttons + joysticks acquired
  • tft found
  • 2 * teensyusb 2.0 for USB HID interface have arrived
  • spare cable + usb -> xbox cables purchased
  • replaced xbox HD with 120GB HD
  • installed 80mm fan in xbox (reduces noise, more airflow)

To Do

In order of importance

  1. build USB HID interface
  2. get software running on a pc
  3. decide on button layout + drill holes
  4. wire up buttons to interfaces


  • get software running on xbox
  • build usb -> xbox usb adapter
  • build xbox vga connection
  • build screen mount?