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This is a joke: don't take it too seriously

Create achievements here:

The UI is completely broken because the JavaScript code it wants to load does not exist anymore, but you can generate it directly via the image URL.

a is the title, b is the description, e is the icon ID. (Actual achievement icons start at 100, custom ones start at 1000) No idea what c and f are for.

You can also do these: c and d are the values you need.

c=u means unlocked, c=l means locked.

All the images:

upload them to the wiki AchievementName0.png and AchievementName1.png Add it to the code block you see below.

Include them like so on your user page (if you like)


Then it looks like this:

Alcoholic1.png Anticipator0.png Beatmaster0.png Bsod0.png Buddy1.png Cleaningcat0.png Collector1.png Commie0.png Educator0.png Evangelist0.png Firestarter0.png Foody0.png Funny1.png Happyshopper1.png Lover1.png Medic0.png Sleeper0.png Spiller1.png Treasurer0.png Trollfeeder0.png Inspirerofawe0.png LEGO1.png