Yes! We have audio and videotechnology too!

Newline 2019: Debian Packaging DIY

TQ gave a talk on making packages for Debian.

Newline 2019: DNA extraction

Alex shows us how to use vodka in a totally new way, to extract the blueprints of life out of Bertrands spit.

Music from a Gameboy

3D63 is a chiptune musician from France. She plays music gigs for crowds using only 2 old Gameboys as music source. Find out how you can start doing this yourself!

Hearing colours

Umut Eldem is Umut Eldem is a composer, musician, and researcher. He is currently a PhD researcher in the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, and musical director of the theatre collective Mixed & United. His current PhD research intends to take the results of his previous research and develop them into an inter-sensory theory of audiovisual art.

Listening to sattelites with a dongle

Kristoff is a radio amateur who gave a workshop (together with Krist) on receiving images from satellites using a very cheap USB-dongle.

Taking what is, learning to the best of my ability, and eventually sharing it. That's hacking.