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Initial config[edit]

Since the installation of the Wireless Antwerp access-point on the Belgacom tower we now have line of sight to this wireless network.


We have a little black box with the NanoStation logo on it in the switchcloset. This box provides the antenna on the roof with PoE (black cable). The antenna on the roof is a NanoStation M5. This is installed in the far corner of the slightly higher part of the roof of our building. The POE cable must be connected to the port on the NanoStation labelled main. The PoE cable must stay attached and powered on at all times, even when the antenna will not be used for a long time. This is because the antenna breaks down pretty fast when it is not powered on.

Configuration of antenna[edit]

The antenna on the roof also serves as a router for the connection. It also has a dhcp server, serving the network The antenna has a web-interface. You can reach it by surfing to

Username/Password: ubnt/unicorns
SSID: wirelessgent-bgc5

Configuration of router[edit]

To make things easier to maintain, we use the built-in router of the antenna. Wireless Antwerp provided us with the following information:

Range: /28


Wireless Antwerp DNS: en