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In whitespace we have a Lantronixs ETS32PR terminal server. This server allows you to connect to a serial port of a device in the space without the need for a serial port or a converter on you local machie. Al you need is a network connection to the terminal server and a telnet client.

Connected devices[edit]

Currently there are only two devices permanently connected to our terminal server:

Device Command to connect
(BeagleBoard) telnet ts 2002
Gatekeeper (soekris) telnet 2003
Kimball telnet 2004

You can also connect to the ts itself and be presented with a menu by doing "telnet ts". In this case you don't need to know what port a device is connected to but just select the device you want.


DNS: ts or ts.0x20.be


Port 7000 on the terminal server is always available for administration of the terminal server even if other ports are mis-configured. So type "telnet ts 7000" to connect. At the prompt (#) type "access". At the "Enter username" prompt type any non empty string as there are no usernames configured. After that you will be logged in to the terminal server's shell. By typing "su" and then passowrd "system" you can become root and configure whatever you want. The "Help" command may be useful. You can disconnect from the terminal server by typing "logout".