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This page is about guidelines for admins of the whitespace google plus page.


  • Admins atm : Cedric, Biertie, Hans.
  • Wonna admin? Contact a current admin.

General Guide[edit]

  • Quality > quantity , better 2 relevant posts than 20 'hacking' related posts (the webs are full of them)
  • There has to be a link with whitespace or a hackerspace 'close' to us.

What to post[edit]

  • stuff thats happening currently in the space
  • upcoming / past events
  • cool piccas
  • things ppl of the hs are going to (for instance a bunch of us go to gentM)
  • Extra promo for other spaces in .be or (not too far) abroad.

What to reshare[edit]

  • personal projects/posts of members of our space or other Belgian spaces
  • You don't reshare everything that you find interesting (that's what your personal account is for), reshares of ppl's not connected to the local hackerspaces seems a bit overkill


  • commenting/replies should done under your personal name, so we don't have a bunch of ppl commenting under the same name.

And another thing[edit]

  • Use a spellchecker.. the red squiggly line denotes a word Webster's hasn't heard of yet. chrome, firefox