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What is dn42 ?[edit]

Decentralized network 42 (also known as dn42) is a decentralized peer-to-peer network build using VPNs and software BGP routers. A useful use-case is to connect hackerspaces together so we can have non-NAT'ed connectivity and share services. The goal of the workshop is a walkthrough to setup dn42 on your box and to setup peerings between participants. DN42 is also fun for people who want to play with BGP and just connect their (home)box.

More info on dn42: homepage and wikipedia.

Requirements to join the workshop[edit]

  • Have a box somewhere connected to the internet (preferable directly connected, not NAT'ed)
  • OpenVPN and Quagga installed
  • Somewhat familiar with OpenVPN
  • Send an email to Jaroslov so, if needed, some dn42-networks can be reserved