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Angels are a very special kind of people, they give time of theirs to make an event happening, without asking anything in return. We all can be angels, but to coordinate it a bit, we collect things to do and peeps resposible for it, on this page.

Tasks and people[edit]

What Responsible Helpers Notes
NomNom ArchAngel Impy Food during event
Buildup ArchAngel fs111 Sandb, Koen Includes pickup stuff from province!! Need more trashcans!!
Bar ArchAngel Koenraad Newline/Bar
Stocking ArchAngel Sandb Drinks and chips, Do this on Friday, order Mate from Hans
Speakers ArchAngel fs111 Sandb reception, t-shirt, time watching, announcement
Technicalities speaker ArchAngel Impy Wouter is taping Voice amplifing, light and video
Workshop ArchAngel abe Get room guards, required material for each workshop, take projector from brussels
Internet ArchAngel Tazo Set up on friday
Teardown ArchAngel Sandb Returns stuff to the province on Monday!, everything is clean
Sober ArchAngel Bert Makes sure that someone is able to react with lucid mind when accidents happen, e.g. during the party. Note: the ambulance is free