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Note: this article is about a passed meeting.

From 2011/01/06 19:30:00 to 2011/01/06 23:59:59
Attendees (2):
Jeroen De Dauw
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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  • 27c3 debrief?
  • Insulation
  • space is a mess: call for cleaning caturday!
  • wikipedia event next week:
    • what needs to happen still?
    • are people aware?
  • Finishing up financials of 2010
  • Prepare planning 1 year of 0x20 event
    • Minicon
    • Year overview?
    • Speakers?
    • Marketing
  • Cupcake challenge
  • Space "Open"
  • Cash registrar preliminary demo.


27c3 debrief[edit]

  • talk videos online, they are nice
  • video evening of recommended talks?
    • tomorrow!!

insulation & cleaning caturday[edit]

  • when do we continue insulation?
  • combine with cleaning caturday
    • people coming: fs111, hans, impy, Koen
    • we make it sunday at 2 iso saturday

wikipedia event next week!!!![edit]

  • See 10_Years_Wikipedia
  • swag requested and on it's way
  • people from belgian wikipedia community are here
  • marketing
    • how many people are expected: more or less 10 wikipedians
    • filtering and blogging
    • make a doodle
  • what to do?
    • we don't know yet
    • presentations 1 / 1.5 hours
      • jeroen:
      • maarten:
    • drinks afterwards in ghent in a pub, add phone number
    • on saturday, schedule:
      • open doors on 16:30,
      • talks start at 17:30, jeroen+maarten 1 hour,
      • half an hour in the champagne room,
      • then at 19:00 go to pub.
    • mention location, bus, traffic, adress
    • language: dutch
    • maarten will check if the cava can be paid for by the dutch guys' org? (AP)? answer before friday

Finishing up financials of 2010[edit]

  • Koenraad-the-great did it
  • Are we healthy? -> File:Overview2010.odp of Koenraad
    • not so much, we need to shape up

New laser printer[edit]

  • Donated by Johannes
  • sandb wil look for toner for the thing, laser jet 4
  • Koen has already a network card for the printer

Jeroen: mam's pc[edit]

  • mom's pc for the lulz in the space

Prepare planning 1 year of 0x20 event[edit]

  • 28th of March is the date

Moved to next week

  • Minicon
  • Year overview?
  • Speakers?
  • Marketing

Cupcake challenge[edit]

  • Hacker thing of sending cakes around to other spaces
  • Needs to be send by post
  • 15th of January is sending date
  • noone really interested
  • no go

Space Open[edit]

  • by Koen
  • people come, but gate closed -> problem
  • solution = asterisk phone number; when this is installed, people can haz a phone number to call to get in
  • put that phone number up on the site
  • mention "call this before you leave to double check" to prevent against false positive "space open" status

Cash registrar preliminary demo.[edit]

  • Hans does demo on a system to improve managing buying drinks
  • Barcode of bottles + membership card barcode + having an amount put on your account
  • We like it
  • Go hans!

Flappers in the circus[edit]

  • Johannes has keys of circus
  • Tomorrow before noon
  • 11 at the circus
  • one box for time lab and one for 0x20

fosdem (hsbxl) sat5-sun6 feb[edit]

  • party or somth like last year
  • byte night again
  • we need funky lights we have disco ball

Kingston Micro SD card + adaper found in couch.[edit]

  • lost, now found