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Note: this article is about a passed event.

From 2010/11/04 19:30:00 to 2010/11/04 23:59:59
Attendees (2):
Koen, Jeroen De Dauw
Whitespace Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium
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  • Mini flyer
  • Financial Overview
    • Available cash
    • Non-paying members
    • Old bank account
    • Mention what the payment is for
  • Contract update
  • Sci-fi Books update
  • Propose internet uplink: Dommel SpeedConnect Plus: total: €63,31/month
    • 30 mbps down
    • 4.5 mbps up
    • unlimited up/download
    • static ip(!)
    • free .be domainname
    • Dommel website
    • This connection will enable us to do stuff
  • Heating
  • Tomorrow Audio system hacking
  • Saturday CleaningCaturday4
  • update on 0x20 internal servers

Mini Flyer[edit]

  • Koen: what is the status
  • Hans: still filling out the ordering forms
  • Will happen in the future
  • We are ordering black and white

Financial Overview[edit]

  • Koenraad new financial overloard, welcomed
  • Available cash: not there yet, but will be there in december
  • We need 450 per month to spend
  • We want 3 months in cash as a security always
  • Memberships
    • Youssef: fs111: not contacted yet
    • Tom has not payed last two months
    • Baptist: three months
    • Jeroen: paid for a year
  • Same rule as in hsbxl: after three months and three remainders = automatic cancellation of membership
  • Pay on the old account and you have donated!
  • Always put membership in your subject for easiness of the financial overloard
  • We also want a list of members on the wiki by nickname
    • Category member?
    • To make private/locked: a page is better

Contract update[edit]

  • sandb was sick, on saturday will do!!

Sci-fi books update[edit]

  • Bert will bring in his bookcases one of these days
  • Books are here

Propose internet uplink: Dommel SpeedConnect Plus: total: €63,31/month[edit]

  • Doubts about the specs
  • We'll go for the cheaper one; also has a static ip and 3Mbit/s upload
  • We already have an adsl2+ modem in the space
  • Lets do it
  • Sandb will do it


  • Nice and warm
  • "Waakvlam/pilot light" stays always on
  • Black cloth for isolation? Styrofoam?
  • Left open for interested people

Tomorrow Audio system hacking[edit]

  • Hacking list:
    • Definite position speakers
    • Improve audio deamon music player stuff
    • Concrete walls drill bit needed: buy one

Saturday CleaningCaturday4[edit]

  • This saturday
  • Everybody is fucking expected

update on 0x20 internal servers[edit]

  • put your public key on the wiki
  • not automatically copied, needs to be done manually
  • but there is an automatic distribution system
    • makes accounts and copies keys automatically to all servers
    • documentation still needed
  • soekris is in production but power plug is hacky unstable
    • now dhcp server
    • now dns server
    • soekris, gateway, gatekeeper, table all resolve to names
    • change through etc/host files on soekris
    • do need to restart dnsmasq for changes to take effect
    • dhcp stuff is in /etc/dnsmasq.conf
    • will all be documented
  • you break it, you fix it
  • storage space
    • we need a file server
    • easy to get to, easy to use
    • as many protocols as possible
    • sftp, scp, http, webdav, ftp
    • NOT SECURE!!!!
    • shuttle: deleted after 24 hour
    • workshop: not deleted after 24 hour
    • e.g. http://polaris
    • you need to use the local resolver
    • also sftp://polaris:~
    • etc... (webdav...)
    • install cadaver to write over webdav
    • currently polaris = soekris with 8gb stick
    • looking for more space, e.g. 1 terra usb drive


  • abe needs a keyboard
  • usb, qwerty


  • bs: bookkeeping system
  • its on sourceforge b-s

no more workshops coming up[edit]

  • anyone want to run one
  • bert: ssh protocol!!!
  • tss
  • impy will bring an SSH book for the hackerspace library