Mailing list snafu

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Date: 2010/01/09


So in a five minute break from work I decided to change the dns of the hosting. I use dreamhost's hosting and they have a control panel. To be able to change the dns manually and add a A record, I had to remove the 'hosting' of the domain first. This means pressing a delete button. The warning and tickbox 'are you sure came' came up, informing me I'd delete everyting related to mails , hosting, yadayadayada.

This also meant everything related to: Long story short: list is dead, gone, lost in the cloud...

I've contacted support, their mailman admin will be back on Tuesday. I've been told maybe she can still find the list in the system and extract the mail adresses.

I've made a new list:

Please join that one, maybe later in the week I have the option to add the lost adresses again. I'm very sorry everyone, the facepalm still hurts.