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It happened on Meeting03, we saw the site in the Blekerijstraat , bleacher-street, we brainstormed about bleach, white, space, so now whitespace is born.

Whitespace.be was taken 0x20.be wasn't.


  • If you want to have a pointless discussion about taste, sound and colors, this is the place to do it.
  • Improve! Don't criticize.

Name suggestions :

During a meet we sort of decide to let the space inspire us for a name. 'The waterfont', 'next to the pittabar',..
  • ghackers (ciri)
  • DragonSpace
  • Gheckers
  • Gheckt
  • DulleHack
  • g-lab
  • ghl or gh-lab, where gh stands for Ghent, Ghent Hack,...
  • g space
  • g base
  • G-Force
  • G-Haak G-Hook (aanzetje...)
  • G-Spot...
  • Some spaces have lab in the name: sandb and I were thinking 'echolab'
  • Other spaces have a computer term: syn2cat
  • the paris one combines both : /tmp/lab

Logo suggestions :

  • Ghent has a dragon on a tower (belfort-tower), dragons are daemons, daemons are cool.

http://www.onderdedraak.be/Afbeeldingen/draak1.jpg http://gent-door-de-jaren.be/Welkom/html/Foto/Draak.jpg