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Whitespace is the HQ of Whitespace. It's located in Blekerijstraat 75 Gent, room 1.21. Also check out the Blueprints. For snail mail, swag, bills, death threats, bom letters, address to bus 13.

Origin of the name[edit]

the street the space is in is called “Blekerijstraat” which translates to “Bleachingstreet” so we came up with the name whitespace, it’s related to its location (the building was a “blekerij” (bleaching company) but got changed into workspaces and it has the word “space” in it. It can also be written in short by its hex code 0×20 (space character).

How to get there[edit]

This video shows you where to go after arriving at the gate:


Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium (51° 3' 34.8667", 3° 43' 56.4751")
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Events at Whitespace[edit]

Upcoming events[edit]

There are no events planned to happen Whitespace yet. You can add one.

Passed events[edit]

Meeting03, Meeting06, Meeting07, Meeting08, Meeting09, Meeting10, Meeting11, Opening Weekend, Meeting12, Meeting13, Meeting14, Doorhacking, Meeting15, Doorhack2.7, Meeting16, Meeting17, Meeting18, Ubuntu 10.04 Release Party, Meeting19, SnakesInASpace, Meeting20, Meeting21, Fedora 13 release party, Meeting22, Meeting23, Hole Drilling, Meeting24, Practical Electronics 101, Meeting25, MediaWiki workshop, Meeting26, Hole Drilling2, RockingSELinux, Meeting28, Meeting29, Gentse feesten, Meeting30, Meeting31, Meeting32, CleaningCaturday1, Meeting33, Meeting34 More...